Kjersti Kanne

Kjersti Kanne as new CEO at ELOP

Elop has appointed Kjersti Kanne as its new CEO

Elop, a tech company within the NDT and inspection industry, has appointed Kjersti Kanne as its new CEO. Kjersti succeeds the founder Terje Melandsø who will continue as a member of the board and advisor to the organisation.

Kjersti Kanne

Kjersti Kanne, CEO

The company has developed a unique and patented rolling ultrasound scanner, which enables a survey of concrete constructions. Elop was established in 2013 on the basis that their expertise and capabilities could solve customer challenges where no solution or answer existed. The technology reveals structure and defects in concrete. It offers quick insights to help customers make the right decisions to ensure safe and sustainable operations - from a commercial, social and environmental perspective. 

The original idea has been productised through several years of research and development efforts. “There is a huge demand for effective concrete inspection solutions. Optimised maintenance and extension of life of service instead of demolishing and rebuilding brings significant savings and minimises environmental impacts. Elop has developed a fantastic product. The company has been committed to finding the right person to increase momentum now that the concrete scanner being launched globally. Kjersti Kanne’s operational and industrial experience, developed over the course of a global career, is an excellent mix for our next CEO. I'm looking forward to working closely with her and her leadership team to build upon the current strategy to drive Elop to the company’s full potential,” chairman Øivind Horpestad says.

Kanne brings to Elop extensive leadership experience and a proven track record of technology and business development, scaling of global engineering and technology organisations, and transformational growth. She has more than 25 years of experience from companies such as ABB, GE and Baker Hughes.


She says, “I am proud and excited to join Elop. Our company has amazingly talented and passionate employees, intellectual property and innovative solutions that are unsurpassed and with huge potential, and we have audacious goals. I strongly believe we are well-positioned to provide value-adding solutions to customers and stakeholders and contribute to a sustainable future. I am honored and look forward to leading this company through this exciting next phase of growth.”

Øivind Horpestad

A new adventure in progress

There are not many entrepreneurs in Norway who have walked the same distance as Øivind Horpestad. He and other well-known investors such as Arne Blystad, Ketil Skorstad and Kristian Lundkvist have a new adventure in progress.

Øivind Horpestad

PHOTO: ANDREAS KLEMSDAL (finansavisen.no)

Elop is the name and company that has developed technology that makes it possible to "read" concrete using a rolling ultrasound scanner.

Their advanced technology reveals quick and risk-free access to structures, buildings, bridges, installations and structures. Collected data reveals the concrete structure and shows real-time 3D imaging for increased actionable insight. By uncovering the structure, details, faults and defects of the structure, you can significantly extend the life of the structure.

Our chairman of the board, Øivind Horpestad, talks about Elop and how they can grow to handle the market in the best possible way. The article has been published in one of the leading financial newspaperz in Norway, Finansavisen (written in Norwegian - Subscription only)

The first rolling ultrasonic scanner

The first rolling ultrasound scanner

The first rolling ultrasonic scanner

Our excellent team has developed the first rolling ultrasound scanner (NDT) for concrete inspection. Here we collect high-quality data that reveals a real-time 3D image of the structure to make inspection and maintenance much more manageable.