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Our talented team of experts creates innovations and solutions to enable improved and sustainable results for customers and stakeholders.

"Our expertise can help extend the life of critical infrastructure with decades. This is an important part of achieving a sustainable future"

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Today, quality of life is dependent on the infrastructure that surrounds us - A high standard of living requires readily available, high quality infrastructure. To maintain these standards, the infrastructure requires regular inspection and maintenance. ELOP has built an innovative mobile rolling ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection.

"The 3D data, shown live in an intuitive user interface, makes it easy for the operator to interpret the concrete structures and identify any defects or features in the concrete"

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We collaborate and partner with research institutes, universities and key industry players to understand the unique environment our customers operate in to address relevant challenges.

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"A deeper understanding of the actual condition of critical infrastructure can radically improve investment planning and result in significant reductions in maintenance costs"

CO2 content in the atmosphere is almost 40% higher than in pre-industrial times

CO2 Emissions

Geological data shows that there has not been such a high level in the last 800 000 years.

"Our team of talented and passionate employees has developed a technology that innovates concrete inspection and asset maintenance, to drive productivity and sustainable operations"

Building material is an environmental culprit that we must do something about.

CO2 Emissions

8% of the world's CO2 emissions come from the processes of concrete production.

Haakon Thaule-Hatt

"The 3D technology enables the user to detect depth & position of features and revolutionize the way NDT inspections are executed"


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