ELOP receives funding from Innovation Norway

ELOP has recently been awarded an Innovation and Development Grant from Innovation Norway, the Government’s industry development vehicle. The funds will contribute to further strengthen the product and market development of ELOP’s Technology.

Norway is faced with a significant challenge in developing new environmentally friendly industries to replace current export products that are slowly being phased out because of downscaling in the oil and gas industry. We are therefore happy to be able to back high-tech companies, like ELOP, that have a strong, green profile, and products with significant potential in international markets, says Mathias Bakke Haugen, financial advisor at Innovation Norway.

Path to market safeguarded with unique solutions
Innovation Norway is supporting ELOP with grants and loans totaling NOK 7.4 million. The funds will be used for continued technology development and testing prior to product release later this year.

ELOP has designed and developed unique ultrasound technology and software for the inspection, mapping, and management of critical concrete infrastructure.  The solution provides actionable data, visualized in real-time 3D, together with appropriate analysis that reveals the actual condition of concrete structures. The insight provided by ELOPs technology contributes to improved safety and more efficient use of public resources on critical infrastructure.  The technology enables more targeted preventive maintenance resulting in major benefits for both the environment and public spending.   

– Our collaboration with Innovation Norway has meant a great deal to us, both in the form of financial assistance and guidance. We greatly appreciate that this collaboration will continue now that we are working on commercialisation and growth, says ELOP CEO, Kjersti Kanne. 

Great interest
ELOP’s technology and its positive environmental, safety and financial benefits, has received significant interest from Norwegian and international stakeholders in the construction and infrastructure industry. ELOP is now further strengthened financially to support its product development and commercialisaton going forwards.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Kjersti Kanne, +47 480 31 075

ELOP enters into commercial agreement with Endur

ELOP and Endur AAK have entered into a cooperation agreement for the use and delivery of ELOP’s technology. The agreement enables AAK to offer unique inspections services based on ELOP's patented technology.

ENDÚR AAK, has market-leading expertise in access technology and services such as inspection, repair and maintenance of, among other things, concrete structures. AAK currently performs such services for a number of customers both on and offshore.

The agreement involves the delivery of ELOP's products and technology from the first quarter of 2021.

- Our services, combined with ELOP's innovative inspection tools and software, are a perfect match, says Executive Vice President of ENDÚR, Hans Petter Eikeland.

- In short, ELOP have developed a technology that checks the concrete for faults and weaknesses. The market for this is very big. There are thousands of bridges, quays, buildings, and wind turbines where you do not know the actual condition of the structure simply because you have not had good tools to see below the surface. Another challenge is to get to places with demanding access. This is our special field, and the collaboration agreement means that we will now combine ELOP's innovative technology with ENDÚR's expertise to provide a unique offering to our clients, says CEO of ENDÚR AAK, Rune Sele.

- We are excited about this agreement with AAK, a recognized service provider in the industry that will further expand the customer base for our technology and software products, says Kjersti Kanne, CEO of ELOP.

- Endur AAK has a particularly high level of competence in rehabilitation of concrete structures with challenging access. We believe our technology will enable Endur to deliver an even better and wider range of services to this market, says Per Arne Haug, Sales and Marketing Manager at ELOP.

For further information, please contact:

CEO Kjersti Kanne, +47 480 31 075

Sales and Marketing Director Per Arne Haug, +47 907 09 570

Our team is growing!

We are excited to welcome Mats Holmqvist to our team as NDT Concrete Engineer.

Mats Holmqvist joins ELOP after recently working for DEKRA as a concrete inspection engineer. He has more than 10 years of experience in the concrete inspection industry in companies such as PEAB and RISE and has recently been Project Manager of an NDT bridge inspection project together with a major asset owner and the University of Luleå.

From the inspection of a wide range of different structures such as bridges, swimming pools, water towers, parking garages, digesters, cisterns, etc. he has gained valuable insight and knowledge in degradation of concrete over time and structural health monitoring of concrete.

Mats has significant knowledge of the different NDT methods available on the market. Based on the object to be inspected and methods available, he can design inspection processes that offer maximum insight whilst minimising risk in interpretation. Utilising new, advanced NDT equipment is central to his inspection processes and he frequently uses the latest technology for his inspections. “Mats is the Inspector that knows our Cobri 3D concrete scanner best and we are very happy to have him onboard to contribute to the  growth of ELOP” states Per Arne Haug, Business Development Director in ELOP.

Mats will be affiliated with both our Oslo and Hamar-offices. His capabilities are a great addition to our team and we are excited to have Mats on board!

ELOP’s 3D scanner has completed its first commercial assignment – confirming the potential of the technology

ELOP has recently completed its first commercial assignment for a large residential project in Oslo. In collaboration with the Swedish company Invator AB, which specialises in inspection of concrete structures, ELOP’s concrete scanner was a central part of assessing the construction quality. 

Real-time 3D visualisation technology gives unique insight into concrete structures
As a part of their quality control process, the contractor wanted to inspect almost 3,000 m2 of internal and external walls to verify the quality. The Cobri scanner was used to identify the condition and internals of the structure in critical areas to ensure that the concrete construction was built in compliance with specifications.

 – It would not have been possible for us to check such a large area, in the given timeframe, without the Cobri scanner. With real-time 3D visualisation of the inside of the concrete structure, Cobri provides us with unique insight that no other instrument that we know of is able to provide, says Björn Täljsten, partner of Invator AB and Professor LTU Building-construction with research in condition assessment and reinforcement of concrete structures.

The assignment demonstrates that Cobri may be used for different applications. Not only does it validate the scanner’s effectiveness for inspection and maintenance of aging infrastructure, it also provides evidence of its value to contractors of new build projects. ELOP is currently utilising a prototype version of the scanner, and the product will be commercially available towards the end of the year.

– By using the Cobri scanner to verify the condition of the concrete structure, we got valuable insight of the asset. Until now it has been difficult to inspect structures this way, without doing major structural interventions. The feedback confirmed that by utilising the scanner, the project avoided potential delays and cost impacts, says ELOP CEO, Kjersti Kanne.

About Invator
Invator is a company performing inspections and structural condition assessments of concrete structures, carries out non-destructive testing, as well as repairs and reinforcement of structures.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Kjersti Kanne, +47 480 31 075
BD & Sales Director Per Arne Haug +47 907 09 570


ELOP enters into product development collaboration with Semcon Norge AS

Following its recent listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market, the Norwegian tech company ELOP has signed a product development agreement with Semcon. This forms part of the company’s plans to launch ELOP’s concrete scanner later this year. The cooperation will result in a scanner solution ready for commercial sales.

Unique technology, unique user experiences
We are extremely pleased with our agreement and excited to work with Semcon. Their deep domain expertise in product development and industrialisation will assist ELOP in developing the Cobri scanner into a robust and user-friendly solution. This project will include user-based development of the present solution, and optimalisation for efficient operation and production prior to initiation of commercial sales, says ELOP CEO Kjersti Kanne.

The collaboration with Semcon also encompasses digital product information to simplify the use and service of the scanner. Semcon’s wide expertise across many industries, will enable ELOP to provide relevant and easily accessible information to its users.

In parallel with product design work on the scanner, ELOP will continue to develop the digital inspection solution which will be a central part of the first version to be launched in the market.

The planned solution is based on our unique and patented technology solving industry wide challenges in critical areas of quality assurance and monitoring. We provide vital information about the sub-surface condition of critical infrastructure to support asset owners in their decision-making process. Our technology reveals structure and defects in concrete, and these insights can help users and owners make informed decisions to ensure safe and viable operations - from a commercial, social and environmental perspective. Our aim is to drive better and more sustainable outcomes and to do so in collaboration with suppliers and partners who share our view on this” says Kanne. 

About Semcon
The technology company Semcon Norge AS is part of the international company Semcon which has more than 2,200 employees and 30 offices across eight different countries. It is engaged in the business of providing engineering services and product information aimed at the energy, automotive, telecom and life science sectors. One of the Scandinavian leaders in its field of expertise, the company today works for companies such as Volvo, Jotun, Husqvarna and ESAB. Semcon helps customers to transform technology into excellent user experiences by uniting premium physical and digital solutions. With headquarters in Gothenburg, it is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Semcon Norge AS is located in Kongsberg.

For further information, please contact:
BD & Sales Director Per Arne Haug +47 907 09 570

ELOP AS: Aiming for listing on Oslo Stock Exchange in July, valued at NOK 420 million


Oslo, 7. juli 2020

Norskutviklet betongscanner vil sikre global infrastruktur – høy fokus på miljø og sikkerhet

Elop sikter mot børsnotering i juli, prises til 420 millioner kroner

Tech-selskapet Elop hentet nylig inn 100 millioner kroner i en emisjon tilrettelagt av Pareto og Arctic. Investorenes interesse var enorm forteller selskapet, både teknologi og den positive påvirkning våre løsninger kan ha på miljø, sikkerhet og økonomi ga solid interesse. Nå varsler de notering på Oslo Børs Merkur Market i løpet av juli.

Globale ambisjoner
Elop har globale ambisjoner og er allerede i forkant av produktlanseringen som skjer mot slutten av året. Selskapet er i samtaler med flere internasjonale aktører om samarbeid, leveranser og avtaler. Gjennom de senere år har vi vært vitne til flere bro- og bygningskollapser i en rekke land som har gitt økt fokus på aldrende infrastruktur og feil og mangler i nyere konstruksjoner. I dag finnes det ikke effektive måter å oppdage dette på før det er kommet så langt at skadene er synlige eller har ført til svekkelser, og med betydelige kostnader ved en reparasjon. Elop har utviklet en løsning de mener kan bidra til å løse disse utfordringene.

– Vår patenterte løsning gir informasjon og innsikt i en konstruksjon der data raskt forteller om tilstand og eventuelle behov for utbedringer. Sikring av kritisk infrastruktur vil tjene samfunnet både ut fra et miljø- og sikkerhetsperspektiv, det er også enorme økonomisk besparelser å hente her. I et globalt perspektiv har eiere av infrastrukturer daglig utfordringer med å kontrollere tilstanden på sine konstruksjoner. Vår teknologi representerer helt nye muligheter for innsyn og vedlikehold, og adresserer en global utfordring knyttet til sikkerhet og miljø, forteller administrerende direktør i Elop, Kjersti Kanne.

Overtegnet emisjon – stor tro på Elops teknologi i investormiljøet
Det var svært stor interesse blant investorer før emisjonen og trolig kunne man hentet inn det dobbelte. Flere kjente institusjonelle investorer fra både Tyskland, UK, Sverige og Norge var på listen over tegnere. Basert på emisjonskurs er Elop nå priset til i overkant av 420 millioner kroner før notering. Fra før har blant annet Arne Blystad, Ketil Skorstad, Kristian Lundkvist og Lars Nilsen investert i Elops innovative løsning for scanning av betong.

Elop har søkt Oslo Børs om å bli notert på Merkur Market. Med forbehold om nødvendige godkjenninger fra Oslo Børs, vil aksjene kunne noteres i løpet av juli 2020.

– Det vi hentet inn gjennom emisjonen skal benyttes til å bygge organisasjonen og sette opp våre første produksjonslinjer i forkant av lansering mot slutten av året. Det var svært gledelig å registrere flere erfarne og tunge navn som ønsker å bli med oss allerede nå. Langsiktige tyske, svenske og engelske fond kommer nå inn på eiersiden i tillegg til de norske som meldte seg på i denne runden. Det er svært motiverende for oss at disse deler vår tro på teknologien og ser et globalt behov for vår løsning, sier arbeidende styreformann i Elop, Øivind Horpestad.

Miljøvennlig og banebrytende teknologi
– Elop er et teknologiselskap med høy fokus på ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance faktorer). Ved å benytte vår teknologi og software vil man forlenge levetiden på- og sikre og trygge konstruksjonene. Det betyr store samfunns økonomiske besparelser. Eksempelvis kommer åtte prosent av verdens CO2-utslipp fra betongindustrien. Ved å identifisere skader innvendig i konstruksjoner tidlig og utbedre disse før skaden får utvikle seg, kan utslippene reduseres betydelig. Riktig vedlikehold og tidlige utbedringer kan forlenge en konstruksjons levetid med hele 50 prosent og ta ned totale kostnader med inntil 30 prosent, påpeker Horpestad.

Elop ble etablert av et forskermiljø på Hamar i 2013 der idéen var en rullende ultralydenhet som på en enkel og effektiv måte kunne «se inn i» og gi innsikt i tilstand på bruer, tunneler og andre typer betongkonstruksjoner. Underveis har selskapet lykkes med å utvikle og patentere løsningen, med god hjelp av ulike tilskuddsordninger.

Den banebrytende teknologien videreutvikles til å inkludere innovative applikasjoner og programvare som skal sette eiere i stand til å foreta mer nøyaktige inspeksjoner, optimalisere ressursforvaltning og strukturell overvåking av betongkonstruksjoner. Data vil bli systematisert slik at de ansvarlige for konstruksjonen enkelt og effektiv kan se inn i konstruksjonene for å opprettholde sikkerhet, og ikke minst store miljømessige og økonomiske besparelser.

Elop har tidligere mottatt utviklingsmidler fra EU-programmet Horizon 2020, Norges forskningsråd, Innovasjon Norge og Regionalt forskningsfond innlandet.

Elop har kontor i Oslo med egen forsknings- og utviklingsavdeling på Hamar.

For ytterligere informasjon,
Styreleder Øivind Horpestad, 910 00 626
Administrerende direktør Kjersti Kanne, 480 31 075.


Our team is growing!

Our team is growing! We are so happy to welcome Per Arne Haug as our Director for Business Development & Sales.

Per Arne joins Elop after recently working for Rapp Bomek as head of sales, marketing and services. He is an experienced sales and business leader, with more than 25 years from the Norwegian and international civil, offshore and maritime industry. Per Arne has held various senior and executive management positions in companies such as Kongsberg Maritime Engineering, Wood Group and Roxar. He has a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota with a thesis on composite materials.

Per Arne will be based on our Oslo-office. His capabilities are a great addition to our team and we are excited to have Per Arne on board!

Patent application granted in the United States

Patent application granted in the United States

Kjersti Kanne and Werner Bjerke.

Greetings from our office in Hamar

In these demanding corona times, it is important to take care of each other and also share the good news. It is extremely nice to report that the patent application for our ultrasound scanner has been granted in the United States. The United States represents one of the largest markets for Elop. An important milestone for us and a big thank you to the inventors and the rest of the team at Hamar.

Hard meeting with concrete scanner

Hard meeting with concrete scanner

Erik Langaker (left) has thrown himself over a new investment. He joins with NOK 20 million in ELOP, where Kjersti Kanne is CEO and Øivind Horpestad is chairman of the board. PHOTO: ANDREAS KLEMSDAL

Erik Langaker has thrown himself over the growth company Elop. He takes a seat in the board and buys shares for NOK 20 million.

Elop will revolutionise the market for concrete inspection. Their concrete scanner is the first in the world to use ultrasound to create 3D images, using a machine that rolls over the concrete.

You can read the full article (Only in Norwegian) (.PDF) published in Finansavisen on Monday 27 January 2020 here:

Elop agreement with one of the world largest inspection companies

Press release

Oslo, January 9, 2020

Elop agreement with one of the world largest inspection companies

The Hamar-based technology company Elop AS and Dekra Industrial AB part of Dekra Group, one of the world’s largest inspection companies with more than 45 000 employees in 60 countries, have entered into an agreement for the testing, marketing, and commercial use of Elop’s technology in combination with DEKRA’s services for inspection of concrete constructions.

The first rolling ultrasonic scanner

The two players together have a broad knowledge of ultrasound and inspection technologies and will bring new technology and solutions to assist owners of critical infrastructure such as bridges and buildings. The agreement gives Elop valuable access to specialist competence and market experience from one of the largest testing, inspection and certification companies in the world.

Concrete is the worlds most common building material, and the industry is responsible for over 8% of the global CO2 emissions. With timely corrective maintenance, the lifetime of concrete construction may be increased by 20-30 years. Elops technology will enable a more efficient and precise methodology to detect weaknesses and allow for optimised repairs and maintenance prior to a structure reaching critical condition.

“This is a very important milestone for us at Elop. The technology we have developed here in Hamar will provide substantial benefits for society including reduction in CO2 emissions, improved safety, and prolonged lifetime for concrete constructions around the world”, says Chairman Øivind Horpestad.

DEKRA and Elop will work together to pilot the services related to Elop’s technology. DEKRA’s expertise and long-standing experience with critical infrastructure are important in targeting the technology and services toward the market demand.

For the first time, owner of critical infrastructure will have access to a new and improved method for uncovering and documenting concrete quality and properties such as strength, density and thickness. In addition, it will be possible to locate cracks, air pockets, delamination, technical pipes and similar over larger areas.

“A deeper understanding of the actual state of for example a bridge, will radically improve investment planning and help asset owners manage maintenance costs more optimally. DEKRA may be the first to use this in its day-to-day work, and we are very proud that our technology will now be available in the market”, says Elop CEO Kjersti Kanne.

Elop’s ultrasound scanner will be trialled on DEKRA projects in the Nordic countries in the coming months. Thereafter, the two parties are planning an international launch.

At Elop, they are now expanding the organization both locally in Hamar and Oslo to build the capabilities necessary to support their international ambitions.

“We plan to grow from today’s 12 employees to almost 50 employees in 2020” says Kjersti Kanne.

CEO, Stefan Törngren of DEKRA says “The collaboration will provide us with new and effective methods for mapping and inspecting concrete structures. We are committed to being a leader in technology and delivering the best possible service to our customers. The technology Elop delivers could become an important instrument for us in the future”.

Commercialisation requires a thorough test of the areas that are important to the industry. The knowledge both players now acquire will contribute to any adjustments to the product before the planned market launch. Both parties have the same ambitious outlook and look forward with excitement and anticipation to the opportunities.

Elop AS is a Norwegian technology company specialising in providing ultrasonic equipment for non-destructive inspection and testing (NDI / NDT) of concrete structures. The international team of highly qualified staff has over the last 5 years developed and designed a handheld rolling ultrasonic scanner for inspection and mapping of concrete construction.

Cobri is a rolling ultrasonic scanner with dry connection to the substrate that maps structure and defects such as cracks, air pockets, delaminations, and technical pipes inside concrete structures. Ultrasound technology enables the user to determine depth and placement of elements and defects in concrete that are not visible on the surface through a real-time visualisation of the structure. Technology is revolutionising the way NDT inspections are

Elop has received funding for the development of its technology from the prestigious EU program Horizon 2020, the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and the Regional Research Fund inland. The company is headquartered in Oslo and has its research and development department in Hamar.

The company currently has 12 employees under the leadership of CEO Kjersti Kanne, Øivind Horpestad is the Chairman of the Board. Further information can be found at www.elop.no

DEKRA is one of the leading suppliers of industrial inspection in Europe. The company is part of the DEKRA group based in Germany. DEKRA is an independent third-party technical inspection organization that tests, inspects and certifies installations, products and systems in the infrastructure industry.

DEKRA provides full service for inspections of buildings, plants, machinery and infrastructure, including material testing and inspection and advanced NDT testing.

DEKRA Industrial AB is accredited by the Swedish authority SWEDAC. DEKRA Group is also accredited in many different technical fields and is active in more than 60 countries.