Øivind Horpestad

A new adventure in progress

There are not many entrepreneurs in Norway who have walked the same distance as Øivind Horpestad. He and other well-known investors such as Arne Blystad, Ketil Skorstad and Kristian Lundkvist have a new adventure in progress.

Øivind Horpestad

PHOTO: ANDREAS KLEMSDAL (finansavisen.no)

Elop is the name and company that has developed technology that makes it possible to "read" concrete using a rolling ultrasound scanner.

Their advanced technology reveals quick and risk-free access to structures, buildings, bridges, installations and structures. Collected data reveals the concrete structure and shows real-time 3D imaging for increased actionable insight. By uncovering the structure, details, faults and defects of the structure, you can significantly extend the life of the structure.

Our chairman of the board, Øivind Horpestad, talks about Elop and how they can grow to handle the market in the best possible way. The article has been published in one of the leading financial newspaperz in Norway, Finansavisen (written in Norwegian - Subscription only)