ELOP’s 3D scanner has completed its first commercial assignment – confirming the potential of the technology

ELOP has recently completed its first commercial assignment for a large residential project in Oslo. In collaboration with the Swedish company Invator AB, which specialises in inspection of concrete structures, ELOP’s concrete scanner was a central part of assessing the construction quality. 

Real-time 3D visualisation technology gives unique insight into concrete structures
As a part of their quality control process, the contractor wanted to inspect almost 3,000 m2 of internal and external walls to verify the quality. The Cobri scanner was used to identify the condition and internals of the structure in critical areas to ensure that the concrete construction was built in compliance with specifications.

 – It would not have been possible for us to check such a large area, in the given timeframe, without the Cobri scanner. With real-time 3D visualisation of the inside of the concrete structure, Cobri provides us with unique insight that no other instrument that we know of is able to provide, says Björn Täljsten, partner of Invator AB and Professor LTU Building-construction with research in condition assessment and reinforcement of concrete structures.

The assignment demonstrates that Cobri may be used for different applications. Not only does it validate the scanner’s effectiveness for inspection and maintenance of aging infrastructure, it also provides evidence of its value to contractors of new build projects. ELOP is currently utilising a prototype version of the scanner, and the product will be commercially available towards the end of the year.

– By using the Cobri scanner to verify the condition of the concrete structure, we got valuable insight of the asset. Until now it has been difficult to inspect structures this way, without doing major structural interventions. The feedback confirmed that by utilising the scanner, the project avoided potential delays and cost impacts, says ELOP CEO, Kjersti Kanne.

About Invator
Invator is a company performing inspections and structural condition assessments of concrete structures, carries out non-destructive testing, as well as repairs and reinforcement of structures.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Kjersti Kanne, +47 480 31 075
BD & Sales Director Per Arne Haug +47 907 09 570


ELOP enters into product development collaboration with Semcon Norge AS

Following its recent listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market, the Norwegian tech company ELOP has signed a product development agreement with Semcon. This forms part of the company’s plans to launch ELOP’s concrete scanner later this year. The cooperation will result in a scanner solution ready for commercial sales.

Unique technology, unique user experiences
We are extremely pleased with our agreement and excited to work with Semcon. Their deep domain expertise in product development and industrialisation will assist ELOP in developing the Cobri scanner into a robust and user-friendly solution. This project will include user-based development of the present solution, and optimalisation for efficient operation and production prior to initiation of commercial sales, says ELOP CEO Kjersti Kanne.

The collaboration with Semcon also encompasses digital product information to simplify the use and service of the scanner. Semcon’s wide expertise across many industries, will enable ELOP to provide relevant and easily accessible information to its users.

In parallel with product design work on the scanner, ELOP will continue to develop the digital inspection solution which will be a central part of the first version to be launched in the market.

The planned solution is based on our unique and patented technology solving industry wide challenges in critical areas of quality assurance and monitoring. We provide vital information about the sub-surface condition of critical infrastructure to support asset owners in their decision-making process. Our technology reveals structure and defects in concrete, and these insights can help users and owners make informed decisions to ensure safe and viable operations - from a commercial, social and environmental perspective. Our aim is to drive better and more sustainable outcomes and to do so in collaboration with suppliers and partners who share our view on this” says Kanne. 

About Semcon
The technology company Semcon Norge AS is part of the international company Semcon which has more than 2,200 employees and 30 offices across eight different countries. It is engaged in the business of providing engineering services and product information aimed at the energy, automotive, telecom and life science sectors. One of the Scandinavian leaders in its field of expertise, the company today works for companies such as Volvo, Jotun, Husqvarna and ESAB. Semcon helps customers to transform technology into excellent user experiences by uniting premium physical and digital solutions. With headquarters in Gothenburg, it is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Semcon Norge AS is located in Kongsberg.

For further information, please contact:
BD & Sales Director Per Arne Haug +47 907 09 570

Welcome to Benedicte Taugbøl

New team member – head of digital development – Benedicte Taugbøl – Director Digital Solutions

Before joining ELOP, Benedicte worked for Cognizant Consulting, responsible for the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program. In ELOP, Benedicte will head the development of Digital Solutions. She has 15 years of experience from the IT industry, in companies such as Tieto, Atkins and Itera. She has held international leadership roles and has strategic and operational experience in product development, management consulting services, sales and business development. She has many years of experience from demanding strategy and technology projects across various industries.

Benedicte is passionate about technology, and as leader for Digital Solutions she will drive strategy and build team and solutions to transform our inspection data into insight and knowledge, and create value for customers, users, stakeholders and society.

Benedicte will be based in our Oslo office. ELOP are very grateful that Benedicte is on board and the strengthening she represents to the team.

Our team is growing!

Our team is growing! We are so happy to welcome Per Arne Haug as our Director for Business Development & Sales.

Per Arne joins Elop after recently working for Rapp Bomek as head of sales, marketing and services. He is an experienced sales and business leader, with more than 25 years from the Norwegian and international civil, offshore and maritime industry. Per Arne has held various senior and executive management positions in companies such as Kongsberg Maritime Engineering, Wood Group and Roxar. He has a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota with a thesis on composite materials.

Per Arne will be based on our Oslo-office. His capabilities are a great addition to our team and we are excited to have Per Arne on board!

Hard meeting with concrete scanner

Hard meeting with concrete scanner

Erik Langaker (left) has thrown himself over a new investment. He joins with NOK 20 million in ELOP, where Kjersti Kanne is CEO and Øivind Horpestad is chairman of the board. PHOTO: ANDREAS KLEMSDAL

Erik Langaker has thrown himself over the growth company Elop. He takes a seat in the board and buys shares for NOK 20 million.

Elop will revolutionise the market for concrete inspection. Their concrete scanner is the first in the world to use ultrasound to create 3D images, using a machine that rolls over the concrete.

You can read the full article (Only in Norwegian) (.PDF) published in Finansavisen on Monday 27 January 2020 here: