Fjordkraft chooses Simplifai’s Emailbot solution
11. April 2022

Fjordkraft chooses Simplifai’s Emailbot solution

11 April 2022 Norwegian electricity retailer Fjordkraft has engaged Elop’s AI business unit, Simplifai, to further enhance its customer service offering for business customers.

Under the contract, Fjordkraft Bedrift will utilize Simplifai’s AI-based Emailbot solution to automate the business process of handling and responding to business customers’ e-mail enquiries. Simplifai will deliver its solution as subcontractor to Nordic IT consulting firm Knowit.

“We have delivered a proof-of-concept project with fantastic results. We look forward to fully employing our digital employee-solution, which we believe will make Fjordkraft Bedrift’s customer service offering even more efficient for its business customer and more cost-efficient for Fjordkraft,” says Bård Myrstad, VP of Simplifai.

Fjordkraft is one of the biggest players for electricity retailing in the Norwegian business market. It is also the number one brand for electricity retailing in the Norwegian consumer market.

“This contract is to support Fjordkraft business arm, Fjordkraft Bedrift. Simplifai’s objective is obviously to deliver such high efficiency gains that Fjordkraft also wants to utilize our solutions for its consumer business,” says Bård Myrstad.

As per Simplifai’s standard SaaS-model, Fjordkraft Bedrift will pay Simplifai an undisclosed monthly fee for utilization of the Emailbot solution.

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