Elop AMS

We are developing the next generation Asset Management System for large infrastructure.

By connecting data from our unique scanner technology, Elop Insight, with data from other external sources, we aim to give asset owners a full digital overview of their structures, helping them monitor health and proactively plan for future maintenance.

Elop AMS
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An effective Asset Management System presents stakeholders with accurate information regarding the condition of their assets and the capital renewal scenarios that lie ahead of them.

By coupling data from our unique scanner technology, Elop Insight, and extracting, contextualising and connecting data from other relevant systems and sources with our scalable cloud-based system, we aim to give asset owners a full digital overview of their structures and how they will develop over time.

Proactive maintenance philosophy

Elop’s unique concrete insight and interactive Asset Management System allows stakeholders to move from the uncertainty of a reactive maintenance strategy to a proactive maintenance philosophy.  This will improve user safety and extend asset lifetime, minimising total lifecycle cost and contributing to an overall reduction in the environmental footprint of concrete structures.

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  • Optimise time spent and cost of asset management.
  • Reduce cost of maintenance and inspection.
  • Reduce use of concrete/raw materials.
  • Improve planning, workflow and execution.
  • Reduce risk of accidents and closure of critical infrastructure.
  • Optimise data capture and make accurate data-based decisions.

Who is it for?

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Asset owners and managers
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Consultancy firms 
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Construction developers

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Government agencies


We are continually developing new features to create value for our customers. Here are some of the features we believe the next generation AMS should offer.


  • Graphical and geographical view of asset portfolio
  • 3D visualisation
  • Map view


  • Data integration layer for different data sources
  • Easy API integration with systems like Brutus and SAP


  • Built for sharing and distribution of information with stakeholders and governmental agencies
  • Inspection and maintenance calendar and alerts
  • Schedule, assign and follow-up automatically

Document handling

  • Document archives for inspection, maintenance and damage reports
  • Documentbot
    • Process documents from email attachments, shared folders and archives
    • Automatically classify, extract information and execute tasks according to business rules


  • Predictive analytics (AI)
  • Maintenance predictions
  • Damage predictions

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