4. April 2022

Elop appoints Lars Björnmyr as Nordic Sales Manager To strengthen its sales force in Nordic Countries 

Elop Technology to extend its presence in Nordic countries, hired Lars Björnmyr as Nordic Sales Manager.  

Lars Björnmyr brings 20 years of expertise across testing, inspection, certification, and NDT segment with a strong understanding of sales, service, and business development. His profound knowledge of inspection and the NDT industry will play a critical role in acquiring new business opportunities and expanding Elop’s business capabilities. 

“From my latest role, I really see the need to inspect concrete constructions. The asset owner inspects electricity, pipes, tanks, and steel structures, but the concrete is often taken for granted when it comes to quality requirements. There is a need for new innovative technology for concrete inspections, and I think Elop adds great value for the asset owner with the new ultrasound scanner. What I can bring into Elop is a broad network of asset owners and knowledge from the NDT business.” 

Lars was associated with Kiwa Sweden before joining Elop Technology. He was handling diverse roles, from sales to business development.  

“I am glad to have Lars onboard the Elop sales team, knowing him for more than 10 years from previous employments makes me convinced that he will be very successful in his work with his positive approach, technical knowledge and vast network,” says Niklas Persson Head of Global Sales at Elop Technology AS. 

For more information, please contact Lars Björnmyr at: 

Phone: (+46) 70 303 00 52 | Email: [email protected] 


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