11. October 2021

Elop enters R&D partnership with Veidekke and Stavangerregionen Havn IKS to develop asset management system

11 October 2021 – Elop has entered a research and development collaboration with Veidekke and Stavangerregionen Havn IKS to develop Elop’s asset management system (AMS) for predictive maintenance of concrete infrastructure.

Veidekke is a leading Scandinavian construction and civil engineering company that is listed on the Oslo stock exchange, while Stavangerregionen Havn IKS is responsible for management of assets such as piers, jettys and buildings in the ports of the Stavanger region in Norway.

The digital collaboration tool will collect data from various sources so that infrastructure owners can prioritize the right measures at the right time, using AI-driven technology.

”We at V-teknikk (Veidekke) see great potential for future use of an asset management system for documentation of the condition of large concrete structures, especially related to the management and inspection of bridges and other concrete structures. This will provide Veidekke with better insight into the condition of the structures and the opportunity to plan improvements,” says Alf Egil Mathisen Concrete Technologist at Veidekke.

Veidekke aims to utilize the Elop Insight ultrasound scanner in combination with other NDT equipment such as GPR and cover meter, as well as drones for collecting images, to provide a product to participate in tenders for rehabilitation of bridges and other large concrete structures.

“The overall goal is to put all this data together so that the entire structure can be ‘read’. There is a myriad of structures owned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Statkraft, Nye Veier, county municipalities etc. that require a condition control and remediation plan. This will generate jobs for the construction industry,” adds Alf Egil Mathisen.

Elop’s asset management system Elop will be modern, intelligent, user friendly and able to seamlessly incorporate data from multiple sources. Analysis of several different data sources will be utilized to make data-driven decisions.

“Elop will build the AMS system for asset owners and asset managers globally. Having several collaboration partners from different backgrounds and geographic locations, allows us to gather the best ideas and build a holistic, user-friendly system for the global market. The collaboration with Veidekke and Stavangerregionen Havn IKS enriches our vision and brings in a unique perspective from the private sector. We look forward to the collaboration,” says Elop Technology’s chief product officer, Erik Leung.


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