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10. May 2022

Elop Insight recognized as “promising system” by world leading research organization Fraunhofer

10. May 2022: The internationally renowned German-based research organization Fraunhofer has acknowledged Elop Insight as “a promising system” after testing the rolling ultrasound concrete scanner.

“We are impressed by the speed of Elop’s solution, seeing its scanning and quality data generation capabilities for concrete inspection. We are eager to spend more time with the system and are positive about future collaborations, “says Prof. Dr. Ute Rabe of Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-destructive Testing (IZFP).

Fraunhofer’s report concludes:

  • Elop Insight can test large areas in a short amount of time.
  • It provides valuable insights about internal state of concrete.
  • Elop Insight is suitable for integration with the autonomous system, such as remotely operated vehicles.

Fraunhofer is known for its collaboration with outstanding research partners and companies from around the world. Being acknowledged by an independent organization like is an important reference for Elop that proves the viability of the solution.

“Fraunhofer is the leading organization for research in Europe. This is a quality stamp for Elop and will ensure that our customers can be confident in knowing that it has been proven to work”, says Marcus Jocham, Head of Business Development in Elop.

Elop had earlier approached Fraunhofer to validate the performance of its ultrasound scanner. After the initial demonstration by the Elop Team, Fraunhofer wanted to test Elop Insight on its parameters at its German facility. The test included two standard concrete slabs (test example) measuring 40 cm and 25 cm with a fabricated crack and notch for evaluation.

The objective of the test was to detect the notch and crack, as well as its depth. Fraunhofer detected all defects successfully when using the Elop Insight. The system also detected the thickness (backwall echo), of both test examples. Fraunhofer were also able to access detailed data and information that enables further examinations.

The German research institute also proposed some scope of advancement in the field of hardware upgrades and processing to make the scanner more robust. This will be addressed in future updates.

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