Elop Insight concrete scanner collecting data
28. January 2021

Elop Insight reveals the condition of concrete in Terratec project

Elop Insight was recently deployed on a project carried out by the geodata company Terratec and inspection company Invator AB, gathering data to determine the condition and structural integrity of a critical concrete structure in Stavanger city.

“Elop’s Insight technology gathered unique data for the end-customer and our ultrasound technology proved to be very suitable for this type of operation, says Mats Holmqvist, NDT Concrete Engineer at Elop. Other instruments are typically not able to see the depth of a structure and to do so without ultrasound would be more intrusive and damaging to the wall, he continues.

«With the Elop Insight scanner we were able to time-efficiently cover the whole inspection area. Moreover, the continuous measurements gave a very consistent result, which ensured reliable interpretation of the data.” Says Tobias Jokish, Terratec.

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