Elop Insight

Elop Insight is the world’s first rolling, ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection.

Enabling smart and unparalleled efficiency of scanning for a large variety of concrete structures, such as bridges, dams, tunnels and buildings.

Unique concrete insight

With real time, 3D imaging, Elop Insight simply and accurately reveals the internal state of concrete structures, giving immediate and actionable insight. By coupling this unique data insight with cloud-based systems, we provide richer, more insightful data. Data, including 3D-videos, models and images, is easy to access, interpret, analyse and share, for all stakeholders in the process, helping you to inspect, manage and proactively monitor infrastructure health.

Real-time 3D visualisation

Elop Insight is a globally patented ultrasound scanning solution that quickly, efficiently and accurately gathers assessment data on critical infrastructure. The scanner incorporates ultrasound sensors that transmit and receive acoustic signals, mapping and creating real-time 3D visualisation of the subsurface construction.

Unparalleled efficiency

When placed inside a rolling device, Elop’s unique technology enables a considerably more efficient and practical way of inspecting larger volumes of concrete structures than is possible with any other existing technologies and devices on the market today.

Simple and intuitive scanning

Elop Insight is intuitive and easy to use and an ergonomic and durable design ensures simple, reliable collection of data, without the mess of coupling gel that is required by other ultrasonic devices. Elop Insight simply and accurately reveals the internal state of the concrete structure, with the possibility of vertical and horizontal scanning. The live 3D visualisation of the concrete structure on the scanner screen, shows elements and defects such as cracks, air pockets, voids, delamination and rebars in real-time.

Flexible data collection

A range of user-friendly options and settings are designed to improve data gathering and quality, for example the speed versus resolution setting gives great flexibility. With the high-speed setting, you can quickly scan large volumes with lower resolution. Upon discovering a defect, you can switch to the high-accuracy setting to see the problem area in more detail, greatly improving flexibility and efficiency.

Scalable cloud-based application

Data is sent to a scalable, cloud-based application where all stakeholders have access to relevant information, including 3D-videos, models and images, as well as all historic data, reports, etc. all in one place.

Data is easy to access, interpret, analyse and share

Data is easy to access, interpret, analyse and share, for all stakeholders in the process. Complex data is visualised as heatmaps for the experts, but also translated into unique, 3D visual images that are easy for everyone to understand and analyse.

A collaborative solution

Elop Insight is a fully collaborative solution. By digitalising, automating and presenting complex data in a simplified visualisation, insight is easily available and understandable for everyone involved in the process. Access to real-time data simplifies processes and makes inspection more dynamic – it’s like you have a whole team of experts on-site.

Benefits for Inspectors/engineers

  • Ergonomic solution that is easy to use
  • Efficient data collection that is accurate and instantly visualised
  • Effective, automated digital process for shared data, enabling collaboration
  • Improving service offering to customers
  • Shorter time-to-result

Benefits for asset managers

  • Predictability and planning to reduce lifetime cost
  • Control and peace of mind
  • Accurate, data-based decision making
  • The first step towards predictive, preventive and proactive Structural Health Monitoring


  • Voids, non-vertical cracks, and delamination detection
  • Detection and visualisation of the rebars of the diameter +20 mm
  • Bonding assessment within structure
  • Thickness measurement and backwall detection
  • Honeycombing detection
  • Inspection of the fiber reinforced concrete
  • Fast structural imaging/reconstruction of large areas
  • Quality assessment of the concrete structure
  • Location of the grouting defects in the tendon ducts
  • Evaluation of the pre-cast elements
  • Presence of hollow pipes
  • Integrity of tunnels
  • Integrity of dams
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Investigation of the presence of other than metal and empty space foreign inclusions

Seeing beneath the surface

A performance comparison of non-destructive technologies for concrete inspection.

Elop Insight NDT technique

The Elop Insight technique for non-destructive testing of concrete structures.

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