Elop Insight

Elop Insight is the world’s first rolling, ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection.

Scan with walking speed up to 4 km/h.

Open up new business opportunities within the field of NDT concrete inspection.

Get ahead of competition with faster execution, lower price and higher accuracy.

Elop Insight leasing offer

Elop Insight scanning system is now also available for leasing. Leasing offer is currently available in Europe and North America.

Reach out to us and learn more about Elop Insight unique capabilities and our offering.

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3 years leasing contract

€ 1,290 /month (€ 1,190 ex. Trolley)

Initial rental € 3,900

2 years leasing contract

€ 1,890 /month (€ 1,790 ex. Trolley)

Initial rental € 3,900

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Dry-coupling, rolling ultrasound

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Cloud based
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Securing critical infrastructure

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Unique data and insight

Sparse tracks

Using sparse tracks to cover (example)
   4 000 m² per hour or
 30 000 m² per day.

parking garage
concrete dam

Fully cover every centimeter

Fully cover areas of
   400 m² per hour or
3 000 m² per day.


Elop Insight simply and accurately reveals the internal state of concrete structures,
giving immediate and actionable insight.







tendon duct

Tendon duct

air pockets

Air pockets

thickness and backwall

Thickness and Backwall



fiber reinforcement

Fiber reinforcement



11 000 m² shopping center

To execute such a large scanning operation within a timeframe and budget that is acceptable to the asset owner would not have been possible with any other concrete scanning technology.

Dr. Guido Tronca

Offshore oil platform

The knowledge gained from the operation was very good. We could clearly see the tendon ducts under the heavy reinforcement, in some places even two layers. These are located at approximately 30–40 cm depth, which is substantially deeper than we have been able to see when using other inspection tools.

Terje Ertvaag, Linjebygg

Inspect parking garages

Easily inspect large garage areas with the Elop Insight System. Our combination of rolling capabilities and Insight Trolley allows for quick and accurate scans. All the data is available on the spot, no post-processing or other time-consuming processes are required.

cityscape oslo
concrete dam

Inspect warehouses

Verify the carrying capacity of warehouse floors. Elop Insight provides accurate and reliable measurement and mapping of warehouse floor thickness, even on Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC). With a fast mapping speed of 4 km/h, our system can effectively cover 15 000 m² in just one working day, using a 50 cm track spacing.

Inspect dams

Dams are important assets for agriculture and power generation. Elop Insight with its high-tech capabilities makes inspection simpler for such massive and complex structures. Elop insight generates valuable data insights that assist in planning and timely maintenance.

parking garage

Inspect bridges

Bridges get deteriorated due to structural deficiencies and lack of inspections & maintenance. Elop Insight enables a considerably more efficient and practical way of inspecting larger volumes of concrete structures like bridges.

Inspect tunnels

Structures like tunnels are bound to deteriorate due to environmental or man-made impacts. Inspection and timely maintenance are mandatory to offer long lasting and safe service offering. Elop Insight makes the asset inspection efficient, comprehensive, and productive, for complex structures like tunnels.

concrete tunnel
offshore platform

Inspect offshore platforms

Concrete installations in the sea are prone to deterioration due to harsh environmental conditions. With Elop Insight, you can inspect these complex structures in the most efficient and effective way for continued structural integrity and safety.

New business opportunities

10x faster inspection

Access to unique data and insight

Better collaboration