7. March 2022

Elop Technology secures contract and distribution in China

Elop Technology has secured its first contract in China and entered into a distributor agreement for the Chinese territory.

Chinese company Shanghai Yingce Technologies Limited has signed an agreement that secures the company the distribution rights for Elop Insight in the Chinese market. This agreement follows the recently announced contracts in UK, Ireland, France and five French speaking countries in Africa.

Shanghai Yingce Technologies is an ambitious supplier of NDT equipment and is active in the segment of geophysical and concrete infrastructure where the Insight scanner is requested. The company has sales representatives in several major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Chengdu.

“We are very excited about the distributor agreement with Shanghai Yingce Technologies in the large and high potential Chinese market,” says Niklas Persson, Head of Global Sales at Elop Technology.

ELOP has during the last months negotiated and signed partners that will buy, promote, sell, and distribute ELOP’s products in 19 countries, including todays announced agreement with Shanghai Yingce Technologies.

“These agreements are vital to create awareness of our technology. The Chinese concrete infrastructure market and the associated market potential for Elop Insight is almost incomprehensibly large. Securing a partner with a presence in several of China’s largest cities was therefore important to us. We look forward to cooperating with Shanghai Yingce Technologies to make Elop Insight the technology of choice for infrastructure owners,” says Øivind Horpestad, executive chairman of Elop.

Shanghai Yingce has an impressive network of clients within the rail, road, and energy sectors. Furthermore, it is well connected with universities and authorities in the field of concrete infrastructure.

“We are very excited to become Elop’s first distributor of this new rolling ultrasound technology in the Chinese market. We know that our clients will be thrilled by the new capabilities the Elop Insight scanner brings to the market,” says Deng Xinsheng, Geophysicist and Founder of Shanghai Yingce Technologies

The patented rolling Elop Insight ultrasound scanner helps to identify issues that owners of concrete infrastructure must address. It is designed to quickly inspect and assess large surface areas. The live 3D visualization of the concrete structure on the scanner screen, provides a real-time interpretation of the concrete’s internal state, including elements and defects such as cracks, air pockets, voids, delamination, and rebars.

“With expertise within geophysical and concrete infrastructure in the Chinese market, Shanghai Yingce is a perfect distributing partner for Elop, Their network and connections to universities and authorities is a vital strength and an important part when it comes to introducing new technology to the market,” Persson adds.


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