16. February 2022

Elop Technology secures new contract and distribution in six new countries

16 February 2022 – Elop Technology has secured its first contract in France and entered into a strategic cooperation agreement for France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon and Senegal.

French company MDS-Le Matériel de Sondage SAS (MDS) has signed an agreement that secures the company the distribution rights for Elop Insight in France, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, and Senegal.

This agreement comes shortly after Elop Technology secured its first contract in the UK and a distributor agreement for England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.

“MDS is well-established supplier in the French and African markets, we are very excited about partnering up with MDS, this secures the introduction of our unique technology in 6 new countries with the best partner we could have wished for” says Niklas Persson, Head of Global Sales at Elop Technology.

“ELOP has during the last months negotiated and signed partners that will buy, promote, sell, and distribute ELOP’s products in 12 countries, including todays announced agreement with MDS. We have partner and distributor interest from all over the world and expect several new agreements to be signed in near future” says Øivind Horpestad, executive chair of Elop.

“It is important to get these agreements in place. Our technology is brand new, and even if everyone understands the need for our technology, the market we aim to open is today a non-existing market because it has never been possible to inspect concrete the way we can. It is therefore crucial that we have established partners such as MDS to educate the market about the benefits of using Elop’s technology. This will lay the foundation for futures sale volumes” Horpestad adds.

For the past 30 years MDS has developed its business into providing the French market and French speaking part of Africa with high-end technology for infrastructure and especially concrete assets. MDS has over the years worked up a solid client base of over 500 companies in France and the French speaking countries in Africa.

“We are excited to bring in this new pioneering ultrasound technology scanning technique from Elop into our product portfolio. We are convinced that our clients will welcome its capabilities in their projects” says Christophe Norgeot, Geophysicist and President at MDS-Le Matériel de Sondage SAS.

The patented rolling Elop Insight ultrasound scanner helps to identify issues that owners of concrete infrastructure must address. It is designed to quickly inspect and assess large surface areas. The live 3D visualization of the concrete structure on the scanner screen, provides a real-time interpretation of the concrete’s internal state, including elements and defects such as cracks, air pockets, voids, delamination, and rebars.

“Being one of the leading experts within geophysical and concrete infrastructure in the French market and selected African countries, MDS is a perfect partner for Elop, and our Insight scanner fits perfectly into their product portfolio. With MDS + 500 clients I am convinced that we will see an impressive sales growth and a very positive partnership for many years to come” Persson adds.

The distributor partnership with MDS also includes a partner status where the company will manage maintenance, repairs, and product training for Elop Insight clients in their territory.

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