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– Unique ultrasound scanner for concrete inspection

Elop Insight is the world’s first rolling, dry-coupled ultrasound scanning solution for NDT concrete inspection, creating unique business opportunities and new revenue streams for the concrete Testing, Inspection and Certification industry (TIC).

New business opportunities

10x faster inspection

Access to unique data and insight

Better collaboration


The NDT market and the potential for ultrasound scanning is growing across the globe.

Inferior concrete, aging infrastructure, increasing maintenance backlog and a growing focus on reducing environmental footprint all heighten the need for regular inspection and maintenance and create a growing demand for data.

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So far, similar inspection techniques have been complicated, unreliable, and time-consuming.

However, as the ELOP Insight can look 2 m into concrete, as well as being more than 10 times faster and delivering continuous, real-time 3D-images of the inspected areas, the Testing and Inspection industry has finally gotten the right tool to meet its need for speed and data.

Elop Insight is the key to staying ahead
of the NDT inspection industry today.

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Create new business opportunities

Ultrasound and Elop Insight is creating new business opportunities for the Testing and Inspection industry. As you deliver vital services to asset owners and input to the data intensive asset management systems of the future, you are enabling asset owners to adopt a more holistic approach to asset structural health management.

10x faster, highly accurate ultrasound inspections

Elop Insight lets you scan large concrete structures 10 times faster than with other technologies, generating large amounts of high-quality inspection data.

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There is no such technology as Elop Insight available in the UK market today. Our ambition is that this will be the first of many orders in the coming years.

James Bell

Technical Director, Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd

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Get access to unique insight and data

With Elop Insight you can see two meters into concrete structures, and deliver continuous real-time, 3D-visualization of voids, air pockets, cracks and honeycombing, offering unique advantages and helping you to stay ahead of the game.

Improve your productivity with better collaboration

All data, documentation and images are available in real-time, ready for sharing, enabling dynamic collaboration for all experts on and off site. Elop enables an effective inspection process that is both faster and more cost efficient.

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future proofing service offering

Futureproof your service offering

Asset owners are moving towards predictive maintenance and require more data on the health of their concrete structures. Elop Insight provides unique insight and data on defects and helps you meet customers’ demand for the years to come.

We are excited to bring in this new pioneering ultrasound technology scanning technique from Elop into our product portfolio. We are convinced that our clients will welcome its capabilities in their projects.

Christophe Norgeot

Geophysicist and President, MDS-Le Matériel de Sondage SAS

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Elop Insight

The world’s first rolling, ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection coupled with an intelligent cloud-based system, giving you unique data insight.