10. February 2021

Market breakthrough in Singapore for Simplifai

ELOP’s AI business unit Simplifai has won its first contract in APAC outside of India, closing a contract with Singapore based Nevigate Communications Pte Ltd.

Simplifai will support Nevigate’s digital transformation project with automation of their customer enquiries and incident reports. Nevigate today receives up to 40.000 emails pr month and most of this is projected to be handled automatically by Simplifai’s AI powered Digital Employee.

– We see this contract as the door opener into the broader APAC market, which is the next step in our international expansion plan out of the India commercial hub, says Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai.

Nevigate Communications (Nevigate) is an independent global network services and solutions provider headquartered in Singapore, with regional offices located in Cyprus, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.  

Simplifai was selected in strong competition with several other global suppliers of AI solutions to provide its services to Nevigate. Nevigate also expects future roles in other areas of the company to be filled by the Digital Employees.

– A successful adoption of automation and digital transformation solutions from Simplifai will be the key driver to our organisational effectiveness and the continuity for business survival” says Tan Ghee Khoon, Managing Director of Nevigate.

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