Owners of critical infrastructure such as bridges and buildings seek data to understand the condition of their assets. Damages or failure may have severe consequences safety wise, financially and environmentally.

Elop has invented a new and revolutionary method for looking into concrete. We can use our technology to gather data about critical infrastructure such as bridges and buildings and help determine their real condition. Based on our data, Owners will be able to perform critical maintenance and optimize investment planning. Extending the life of critical infrastructure will have a major impact on the environment, save lives and significantly reduce cost.

Vertical or horizontal scanning provides a transparent view of the concrete structure.

Elop will be a leader in gathering high quality data, that is easily accessed and properly visualized to gain a unique insight into the condition of any concrete construction. Our real time 3D view will facilitate interpretation and analysis to increase operational efficiency and significantly increase the benefits for all stakeholders.

Our solution - clear benefits

Our tool scan constructions of all sizes

Our ultrasonic scanner is suitable for efficient inspection of fixed structures and gives an overview of the condition of all types of concrete structures. Our technology detects the location of features and defects and ensures safe and cost-efficient maintenance.

We detect weaknesses and defects

Scanning of horizontal or vertical surfaces to detect cracks, air pockets, corrosion, delamination, density, strength, concrete thickness and placement of technical pipes and other features. Cobri uncovers and documents the condition.

We have the fastest scanning solution

Cobri efficiently scans larger areas, 10 times as fast as traditional scanning. A break-through compared to core drilling, X-ray, and static ultrasonic scanners.

The result is easy to understand

Scanning, data processing, visualization, documentation, allow for better control of an asset. High quality 3D image makes scanning results easy to understand. Real-time 3D imaging provides immediate and actionable insight

Information is easy to share

Recorded data, images, 3D video and documentation are stored in the system and create room for maintenance overview.

Product features

Our inspection tool provides a rich data set and will radically and improve the basis for decisions

Cobris features

  • Patented ultrasound technology based on innovative broadband design
  • Dry coupling between instrument and concrete surface
  • Continuous transmission and receival of signal waves
  • Horizontal or vertical scanning

The use of our scanning solution

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Shows realtime 3D video of the structure when inspecting.
  • Simple interpretation and identification
  • Recorded data such as images, 3D video and documentation are stored in the system

The result of our scanning solution

  • Detects cracks, voids, air pockets, delaminations, rebars & technical pipes inside concrete structures
  • Detects depth and location of features and defect

Technical specifications