1. July 2021

Simplifai with break-through partnership deal in the Netherlands

Data Matters B.V. teams up for the Dutch public sector: Elop’s AI business unit Simplifai has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Data Matters B.V. The latter is a leading specialist of information management and digital archiving solutions and consultancy to local government across The Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Schiedam and Hilversum municipalities.

As part of the agreement, Data Matters will include Simplifai’s AI-driven “Digital Employees” in its offering to support the public sector facilitating intelligent automation of document management and archiving processes.

A new law in The Netherlands addressing requirements for the access to and publication of documents from public organisations to the citizens takes effect on January 1, 2022. This law, the “WOO” (Wet Open Overheid) will have a significant effect on the workload of civil servants, including large amounts of repetitive routine work which can be automated by a digital employee of Simplifai. This represents a key driver behind the market opportunity and cooperation between Simplifai and Data Matters. Overall, a digital employee can be used for any repetitive routine work from information management to digital archiving.

“The demand for intelligent automation of information management and digital archiving processes is growing rapidly. This is a major opportunity for us to help our clients speeding up their compliancy, increasing efficiency and reducing costs” says Paul Schindeler, CEO at Data Matters.

Market opportunities

The cooperation between Data Matters and Simplifai is regulated through a 36-months rolling agreement. Each new client project that Data Matters enters into under the agreement, will generate monthly recurring revenues for Simplifai.

“Intelligent Automation Solutions are serving important governmental institutions in the Nordics already. We see a huge potential for our solutions in public sector in Europe, and the Netherlands is a great gateway to central Europe. Data Matters is in a perfect position to unlock this key customer segment in the Netherlands.” says Bård Myrstad, VP of Simplifai.

Public sector growth strategy

Entering into the agreement with Data Matters is part of Simplifai’s strategy to grow revenues from local, regional and central public sector clients in The Netherlands, as a continuation of the Norwegian Public sector focus. In February, Simplifai signed a breakthrough public sector agreement with National Archives Services of Norway which has generated several requests from Norwegian municipalities and other governmental bodies.

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