As urbanization increases and quality of life improves across the world, expectations to safe, readily available and efficient infrastructure also grow.
Elop’s vision is to provide asset owners and managers with solutions that improve safety, extend asset lifetime, minimize total lifecycle cost and environmental footprint.

Elop Insight

The world’s first rolling, ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection coupled with an intelligent cloud-based system, giving you unique data insight.

Elop Insight Trolley

Retrofits the Elop Insight Scanner to perform large scale scans and allows for higher speed, stability and constant pressure.

Inspections made easy

Increased efficiency

Higher detection of structural weaknesses

Differentiated services and quality

Access to information and historical data

Concrete inspection methods

Destructive methods of concrete inspection are both time consuming and expensive, often weakening the structure further. As a result, modern maintenance strategies are largely based on NDT (non destructive technology) inspections, which predominantly involve manual, visual inspections of surfaces.

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The inspection process

The current process of concrete analyses is slow and complex, with paper-based documents that are manually stored. Current tools are often too cumbersome to be effective and are largely designed for experts, needing high expertise and experience to operate, understand and interpret them. Processes involve multiple steps and multiple stakeholders.

Disrupting the NDT industry

Our vision is to take the inspection industry to the next level with digital solutions and technology. We want to make information and insight available for everyone, everywhere.

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The big picture

Keeping infrastructure safe, sustainable and financially viable