Elop’s solution will innovate and develop the infrastructure asset management market

Elop’s innovative, new ultrasound scanning technology, Cobri™, gathers assessment data on critical infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels and buildings. This unique, holistic data is then distributed to a wide stakeholder group through an intelligent, scalable cloud-based platform, that stores data such as, 3D-videos, models and images, and presents results in a user-friendly, highly visual and easily accessible manner.

The highly versatile rolling Cobri™ ultrasound scanner technology enables asset owners to move from a reactive maintenance strategy to a proactive, optimised maintenance philosophy that will help them to improve user safety, extend asset lifetime, minimise total lifecycle cost and contribute to an overall reduction in the environmental footprint of their concrete structures. The Cobri™ ultrasound scanner technology has been patented throughout the world.

The unique data insight and services will be distributed to a wide stakeholder group through an intelligent and scalable cloud-based platform

Strong value proposition to customers

  • Holistic data insight for critical concrete infrastructure and assets
  • Optimised towards condition-based maintenance
  • Predictive analysis for future maintenance needs with regards to optimised capex and preventive measures
  • Improved safety – ensuring well-maintained concrete structures to avoid accidents and potential collapses
  • Extending the life of critical concrete infrastructure with 20-30 years will bring large economic and environmental benefits