The next generation

Elop has developed and patented a groundbreaking ultrasound technology.Elop Insight is the key to accurate inspection, management and structural health monitoring of concrete structures.

The next stage of development

Parallell to the launch of Elop Insight Solution, the Elop team is already working on the next stage of development, a full Structural Health Monitoring system. By combining data from our unique scanner technology and extracting, contextualising and connecting further relevant data from other systems and sources, we can monitor how concrete structures develop over time, giving even deeper insight. We are already looking at technologies such as augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence to further improve the user experience.

Scalable cloud-based system

By coupling our unique data insight with a scalable cloud-based system, asset owners will get full digital control of their structures. This gives asset owners the ability to monitor infrastructure health, and conduct predictive and preventative maintenance, in order to preserve concrete structures and optimise lifetime cost.

Elop solution illustration

Proactive maintenance philosophy

Elop’s unique concrete insight will enable asset owners to move from a reactive maintenance strategy to a proactive, optimised maintenance philosophy that will improve user safety and extend asset lifetime, minimising total lifecycle cost and contributing to an overall reduction in the environmental footprint of their concrete structures.

The big picture

Keeping concrete structures safe, sustainable and financially viable