14. March 2022

Why Ultrasound inspection should be a part of your requirements when tendering for new concrete assets

As we modernize our ecosystem with incredible concrete infrastructures, safety and sustainability should be the core factors right from the foundation. But considering the catastrophic accidents and uncertainty of concrete structures, asset owners should start setting requirements and specifications for quality control of their concrete structures.

In this webinar, Niklas Persson, Head of Global Sales from Elop Technology talk about ultrasound inspection for new built structures. Majority of concrete structures have already reached their deterioration stage or expired. Which means dwelling around these infrastructures is no less than risking life and capital.

Watch this full recording to learn how ultrasound inspection for new built structures can streamline maintenance schedules, give better control to asset owners, and influence the asset age and sustainability. 


  • The need for a preventive approach for concrete health and inspection
  • Why ultrasound over other methods
  • Why ultrasound technology should be included in new build concrete inspections
  • Benefits of making concrete inspections a requirement

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