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Know the condition of your concrete structures

– Move from reactive to predictive maintenance

Concrete is not only the most widely used construction material in the world, it is also responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. In today’s modern society, we expect safe, readily available and sustainable infrastructure, and we have little tolerance for disruptions and delays.

Unfortunately, inferior concrete, aging infrastructure, increasing maintenance backlogs, highly publicized collapses and a growing focus on environmental footprint, are all daily challenges for asset owners and managers.
Elop has developed unique solutions for asset owners and managers to inspect, monitor, maintain and manage concrete infrastructure. By combining data from the Elop Insight scanner, with data from external sources in our Asset Management System, we give asset owners and managers a complete digital overview of structures, helping you monitor asset health over time and proactively plan for future maintenance.
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Elop Insight and Elop AMS help asset owners and managers move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance. This holistic data-driven approach, not only improves coordination, planning and control, it also helps optimize maintenance, extend asset lifetime, improve safety and reduce the environmental footprint of your assets.

With a complete digital overview of concrete structures, asset owners and managers can monitor asset health and proactively plan for future maintenance.

Get insight and documentation

Improve planning, coordination and control

Reduce maintenance cost and backlog

Improve asset safety and environmental footprint

concrete inspection

Get insight and documentation on asset health

Elop Insight can scan large concrete areas 10 times faster than other ultrasound scanners, generating large amounts of high-quality inspection data and 3D-visualization of voids, air pockets, cracks and honeycombing.

Improve planning, coordination and control

Elop AMS makes it possible to coordinate, plan and control asset maintenance, reducing the risk of unforeseen disruptions and delays.

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Reduce maintenance cost and backlog

By being able to plan maintenance before it becomes critical, you can reduce costs, make budgets go further and ultimately reduce maintenance backlog.

Improve asset safety and environmental footprint

By proactively monitoring asset health and adopting a holistic maintenance philosophy, you will not only improve the safety of your asset, but also reduce its environmental footprint.

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Elop Insight

The world’s first rolling, ultrasonic scanning solution for concrete inspection coupled with an intelligent cloud-based system, giving you unique data insight.

Elop AMS
Elop AMS

Elop AMS

The next generation Asset Management System for large infrastructure.