Technical Specifications

Voids, non-vertical cracks, and delamination detection
Detection and visualisation of the rebars of the diameter +20 mm
Bonding assessment within structure
Thickness measurement and backwall detection
Honeycombing detection
Inspection of the fiber reinforced concrete
Fast structural imaging/reconstruction of large areas
Quality assessment of the concrete structure
Location of the grouting defects in the tendon ducts
Evaluation of the pre-cast elements
Presence of hollow pipes
Integrity of tunnels
Integrity of dams
Nuclear power plants
Investigation of the presence of other than metal and empty space foreign inclusions
Number of channels 8
Frequency range 100 kHz center frequency (range 50 up to 200 kHz)
Dimensions 295 x 200 x 150 mm (without handles)
Weight 8.5 kg
Min. contact pressure 10 kg
Battery type 50 Wh, 2.5 A, flight safe
IP rating 54
Operating temperature -10 C up to 50 C
Operating humidity 90% RWH
Elop Insight display
CPU Elcore i5, 1.2GHz (3.3GHz with turbo boost)
Screen 7″ LED-backlight, high-brightness (2-700 nits) screen with capacitive touch, outdoor viewable, 1280×800, 10 finger capacity
Weight 540 g
Operating system Windows 10
Connectivity USB 3.0, Audio-jack, DC-in, SD slot
Storage Up to 256 GB
User interface language English
Visualisation on-the-fly and for analysis
Live 3D visualisation
Upload scans to cloud
Imaging features
Depth range Up to 200 cm

Speed of scanning Up to 50 cm/s
Resolution < 1 cm
Scanning modes
High speed
High resolution
Surface scans Seamless stitching
Cloud web portal features
Access from any device (ipad, tablet, mobile, PC)
Create unlimited assets & inspections
3D concrete visualisation – Heat map & realistic view
Analysis – Measure and mark elements and defects of the scan
Asset Health Portfolio – Complete archive of previous scans and inspection reports
Customised reporting – Create inspection reports from scans and data in webportal, share via link
Processing unit
Dry coupling continuous contact measurement
Modular design
Rugged, drop-proof enclosure
Adjustable handles
Easily replaceable batteries
Rugged processing tablet
Backpack for processing tablet
Rugged transport suitcase
Handle for scanning close to the wall
El scanner battery
El scanner battery charger

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