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5. May 2022

Elop awarded US patent for its Multrawheel ultrasonic technology

5. May 2022 – Elop Technology has been granted a patent for its MultraWheel technology in the USA. The Multrawheel scanner allows for cheaper and more efficient inspections of composite materials like wind turbine blades and aerospace applications, as well as metal structures like ship hulls – both representing markets with huge potential for Elop.

The global market for wind turbines has exploded the last years and more than half a million wind turbines are now in operation globally.

“Scanning of composite materials and metals both represent huge market potential for us. We believe that we can make a significant impact in this industry – cutting down inspection time, increasing quality, and making inspections more efficient, accurate and safe”, says Øivind Horpestad, CEO and Chairman of Elop.

Elop Technology is currently in advanced discussions with market players that wants to co-develop the technology and bring it to market.

“This patent is critical for us, as we see a lot of interest for this technology. The Multrawheel will support the demand for green energy and zero carbon emissions. Moreover, the wind turbine market and the predictive maintenance market are in full expansion”, says Horpestad.

The Multrawheel technology enables 10x faster inspections than any other known methods used today. It scans the structure at higher speed while syncing the abnormalities in real-time. This helps in finding errors on the spot with better visuals.

Multrawheel was awarded seal of excellence by the European Investment Council (EIC) for excellent ideas worthy of funding, in December 2021.

Contact information:

• Stian Thorsrud, Head of Communications and Marketing, tel: +47993 00 003

• Øivind Horpestad, CEO and Executive Chairman, tel: +47 910 00 626

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