Simplifai signs breakthrough agreement for the Danish market
5. October 2021

Simplifai signs milestone deal in the Dutch insurance market

September 30, 2021 – (Amsterdam) Elop’s AI business unit, Simplifai, signs leading claims processor “Van Ameyde Group” for operations in Netherlands and throughout Europe. This is another major win for Simplifai in the Dutch insurance market proving the potential of AI and Digital Employees.

Van Ameyde is the European market leader in claims management, loss adjusting and IT development for the insurance and risk management market. Van Ameyde Group handles Claims processing for over 1,000 corporate clients in the global insurance and risk management market. This means in total more than 1 million claims and incidents annually. Operations runs in 35+ affiliated companies and 46 offices in 28 countries, where key regions are UK, Central Europe (including Germany), Benelux, South-West Europe and Scandinavia.

Simplifai will provide its AI-powered Digital Employee technology to help automate the intake and handling of claims to reduce the time employees spend on manual handling of documents. In this way knowledge and skills of all employees will be even better used for the customers.

Van Ameyde annually processes more than 1 million customer e-mails and an equal number of documents related to insurance claims within automotive and other insurance products. Increased degree of automation through AI and “Digital Employees” will support the continued growth through tackling the increasing volumes.

“This will strengthen the competitiveness of Van Ameyde in a number of ways. We observe a clear trend in Europe where our clients focus on the improvement of customer satisfaction, an efficient customer claims journey and a reduction of
loss ratio’s. The successful use of several innovative AI solutions – like the cooperation with Simplifai- positions Van Ameyde at the forefront of this, which means we will become even more relevant in securing our clients’ stories.” says Egon Scheers, Director Operations, Van Ameyde Group.

The European footprint, with operations in several countries, the complexity, and large volumes of documents involved means that this is a large and important contract for Simplifai.

“Van Ameyde is another major client that onboards one of our digital employees and will utilise both our Documentbot and Emailbot technologies. The successful application of these solutions will open up many opportunities within the
banking and insurance sectors throughout Europe, where automated handling of emails and other documents are required.” says Bård Myrstad, VP of Simplifai.


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